Travel and Leisure Magazine posed the question a few weeks back on who was the best companion to travel with and it reminded me of all the great and not so great travel experiences I have had over the years.  Who I have chosen to travel with has directly affected the outcome of my happiness on many holiday excursions.

I highly recommend everyone think long and hard before choosing your travel mates. 

Why?  Some friends, family, and significant others (hopefully not your forever person) are just not meant to travel with.  Knowing this before you choose to spend your hard earned money and time is extremely beneficial to your sanity while vacationing.

Most likely there are people in your life that are amazing to explore the world, your country, city, or state with.

These people are your wanderlust soul-mates and the only people you should travel with!  Or at least for an extended amount of time.

You can always choose to go it alone.  This takes some balls, but can be super rewarding and terrifying all at the same time!

Either way,  I emphasize “choosing wisely” because this can really make or break your experience and possibly even the relationship

Let me break it down for you in categories and you choose what best suits your travel needs!

1Your Doggie

Michelle and Max Travel -mates

Maximus is one of my all-time favorite travel buddies.  And quite honestly in the running for my number 1 wanderlust soul-mate.

Max is definitely bossier at home, meaning he really is on his best behavior when we travel.  He also tends to be a bit more carefree (no demanding dinner at 5 pm on the dot).

We both enjoy road trips, good food, and relaxing in a nice cozy bed.   Preferably in a luxurious hotel.

I don’t know if he truly enjoys our road trips and staying in new places or if he is just grateful his Mommy did not leave him.  Either way, I don’t have to wait for him to get ready…bonus!  Although… he does usually have a slightly bigger travel bag than his Mommy’s. ♥


Traveling with mom

My mom is my best friend, and I feel truly blessed that we have a super close relationship. 

That being said, we have traveled so many times together that I know there is a time limit on how long we can be abroad together. 

Five to 7 days is our sweet spot.  Anything longer than that we will come home mad at each other and probably not talk for a week. YIKES!    Knowing this truly makes all the difference in the world when it comes to planning our adventures together! ♥

3Boyfriend/ Significant Other/ Babe

Traveling with Boyfriend Wine tasting at Alpha Omega in Napa

Ok, now it starts to get a tad more complicated.

Don’t Travel With…

◊  Someone that you do not know extremely well ◊   

It’s awkward sharing a bed, bathroom, etc… unless you have been together for a while.  I know my mother would say “get your own room,” but in 2018 who does that?  Additionally, you may hate your hotel, the restaurant, whatever…but it may be too early to show your true feelings without coming off as a total diva.  It’s just not the ideal vacay situation.

Or you can be like me and find this out the hard way.  If you agree too quickly and accidentally to an ALL DAY date, please cancel when you have a bad feeling about it.

Case in point…Picture a cold Big Bear California day.  I got tired after skiing for a few hours and went to the lodge lounge by myself to enjoy a frosty beer.  My date was not finished with the slopes yet.  Hours later the douche came back to the lodge from snowboarding and I was innocently chatting with an older man at the bar, seeing as I had nothing better to do for all of those hours left alone.  He screamed at me the entire drive back (2 hours) to Los Angeles.  Needless to say, we never spoke again.  Please, someone, learn from my mistakes!! Do not go two hours away from home with someone you are unsure of, even if it is only for the day!  

♥ Do Travel with…”the One” ♥

I love traveling with Ryan.  Sometimes I feel as though we were separated at birth (if I was born 14 years later).   Despite the fact we come together as one with our similarities, it can potentially have its downfalls.  We are not huge planners.  You could probably classify us more as the “fly by the seat of our pants” type of people.  So it’s nice to bring along another couple who likes to throw together some loose laid plans so all we have to do is show up.  I am not quite sure if that makes us lazy or just spontaneously adventurous.

Just make sure and choose the right couple to hang with!

4What about your FRIENDS


Friends as your travel partners in crime can be a really beautiful or a very ugly thing.  Just saying.

I always have preferred to travel with two other girls.  3 total is my magic number.  Do you know what your magic number is?

If it is just two of you it puts an enormous amount of pressure on your friendship (especially if it is a long trip), so make sure you are on the same page with finances and the activities you would like to participate in while you are planning travel.  This way it’s not a surprise once you are already in vacay mode what someone else’s view of your travel should look like. 

With Bachelorette and Birthday party trips you are most likely going to be traveling with a bigger group.  Make sure you pack your patience!  Coordinating a bunch of girls to be ready to go somewhere at the same time can be tremendously difficult and extremely frustrating.  Just remember this is particular trip may not be about you, so either skip it or go with the flow.



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