Walking to the Beachcomber Cafe


down the pathway to the Pacific Ocean, I had no idea what to expect journeying to a beach side restaurant I had only heard about.  A cozy cottage appeared with a stunning view all the way to Catalina Island, the Beachcomber Cafe.

Vacation Vibes

Driving down to The Beachcomber on a Monday afternoon the June gloom had cleared to sunny skies.

Once we arrived, to our delight, the hostess sat us immediately on the patio.  We enjoyed a stunning view of the ocean.

No longer feeling like we were in Orange County, I ordered a cocktail at lunch (which I never do), because I immediately felt transported to vacation mode.Margarita at Beachcomber CafeVintage Vibes

With sounds of the the waves crashing in front of us, I watched the families with their kids in tow searching for that perfect beach dwelling. the Beachcomber Cafe ViewAs I gazed over at the body surfers waiting to catch that perfect ride, I started daydreaming of what it was like here 50 years ago.

I imagined driving down to Crystal Cove in a classic VW Bus with a surfboard racked on top. This delusion even included an image of myself in a red polka-dotted high-waisted bikini with the “Beach Boys” defined niche tunes on the radio.    OC Beachcomber CafeSomething about the Beachcomber Cafe made me feel like I was in a 1960’s Coastal California Surfing movie, and I dug it.Crystal Cove HISTORIC beacheats


We ordered the grilled artichoke, fish and chips, and fish tacos.  The tacos were my favorite of the bunch.  The service was friendly and the atmosphere relaxed.Lunch at Beachcomber




An attention to detail that I LOVED was that every outside table came with a cozy red blanket (hallelujah).  This makes me happy.  I am always cold, especially once I start eating.  I didn’t need a blanket on this particular sunny day.  Although to know one was available, was extremely comforting.Blanket picture

How to get there…


and why it was confusing, even to an OC local.  Crystal Cove is nestled between Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach, next to Newport Coast.

Do not park in the Crystal Cove Shopping Center (They may ticket you and it’s not the right place).

Do not park on the ocean side entrance at Los Trancos street.  They will make you turn around.  ♦Drop off at this entrance for a Uber or Lyft

DO Park at Los Trancos Parking lot on the east side of PCH ♦ meaning across the street from the ocean

Choose your own adventure by walking 10 minutes downhill from where you park… or take a 2 minute shuttle from the parking lot for $1.50 per person, one way. $3 roundtrip. CASH ONLY

Bring your parking ticket with you for the Beachcomber Cafe to validate (3 hours is complimentary).the Beachcomber Shuttle Crystal CoveI would recommend walking down the hill and taking the shuttle back up.

We opted for the lazy route and took the shuttle both ways because we hit the gym together that morning, so we felt validated to do so ♥.

Hours:  Daily Breakfast 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM.
Daily Lunch 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
Nightly Dinner 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Crystal cove beach
Just my Babe, naturally posing for a photo he has no idea I am taking.

Recommended for a date!

…unless you want to make a quick getaway…

The view from Crystal Cove's Beachcomber Cafe
A stretch after lunch?  Sure…why not.


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