We spent the last week in October of 2019 eating and drinking our little hearts out in Tulum, Mexico to bring you the ultimate food and drink guide. We spent a ton of money on food and adult beverages, so you don’t have to. Here are the details below.

Before we left on our adventure to Tulum, Mexico the chatter amongst friends and blog posts alike went to the tune of “foodie heaven,” and “best cocktails ever.” We could not wait to get down to Tulum to try all of these fabulous restaurants and all their magical drinks and food.

Ultimate Tulum Food and Drink Guide

I was warned that Tulum Beach was very touristy and had become quite popular in the last handful of years so the prices of food and drinks reflected this. We live near Los Angeles and have been to New York many times. We are used to expensive, just not necessarily in Mexico. Tulum Beach (not to be confused with Tulum town, just a few miles away) is very pricey.

I want to preface this post by saying, nothing we ate or drank was awful. Everything was about average to good, with a few standouts. Although the cocktails were fresh, they were a little pathetic, not going to sugar coat it.

After finally traveling down to Tulum and experiencing these restaurants for ourselves, I can honestly say I very much in agreement with this beach town being expensive. I do not, however, agree that it is a food and drink-lovers paradise.

I lived briefly in Napa, and to me, that is what I think of when I want to go to foodie heaven. Call me picky.

Read below to see about our experiences in our culinary journey of Tulum, Mexico.

Favorite Breakfast=

The acai bowls at RAW LOVE the vibes, the service, the coffee, are all awesome. Two Raw Love eateries are located in the Ahau hotel. This place is a definite must if you are going to Tulum Beach.

Favorite Lunch =

  • (HIS)Taqueria la Eufemia – the best chips and guac we had throughout our entire stay. The street tacos were excellent, and we loved that it was on the beach and dogs were allowed. It was a very different experience than anywhere else we had been in Tulum. Less pretentious, less fancy, less expensive than most places. What I didn’t like is they charged us a considerable amount more for lunch because we used American dollars (our bad) but we noticed most places do accept US currency, you have to pay more than you would for the exchange rate. Also you are not coming to taqueria la Eufemia for the service or the margaritas (believe me I had to try one). That being said, we would definitely visit this lunch spot again. With pesos in hand.

  • (MINE)La Zebra Hotel – The food was not very authentically Mexican. My vegan taco, Ryan’s fish tacos, and our nachos were more designer than the street. It was my birthday, we were sitting at our hotel in a cabana on the beach and the service was great! The food was tasty and I was particularly starving that day, after spending the morning at the cenotes. For the most part, were very pleased.

Favorite Cocktails =


THIS IS THE ONLY RESTAURANT OR BAR IN TULUM THAT IS WORTHY OF THE PRICES THEY CHARGE FOR DRINKS! At least of all the restaurants and bars we tried while we were there.

Gitano’s cocktails far and away blow everything else out of the water. Take it from two bartenders that collectively have 30 years experience. I was seriously appalled by all of the other drinks we were consuming around town. Not because they were not tasty; believe me, I have consumed worse, but because they are essentially almost virgin cocktails. If I was at an all-inclusive resort, I may expect that, but not when I am paying craft cocktail NY/LA prices per drink.

We unexpectedly stopped by Gitano and sat at the bar. We hadn’t heard much about food recommendations here, so instead we were on a mission to find a bartender that knew how to pour a drink.

Finally, we were pleasantly surprised.

We were enjoying ourselves and the cocktails and vibes sitting at the bar drinking at Gitano, so we decided to order a few appetizers (the quesadilla and short ribs). The food that we ended up trying here was awesome!

More Tulum, Mexico Restaurants

Honorable Mentions

Tulum Food and Drink Guide

The Instagram-able Matcha Mama- to be honest I didn’t love the coffee here. I much preferred my boyfriends iced coffee concoction to my hot latte. But it is super cute and was a short walk from our hotel. Anytime we want to take photos somewhere, we will buy something because it’s the polite thing to do.

Tulum, Mexico Restaurants; Food and Drink Guide
Gelato at Origami in Tulum Beach Mexico – definitely good, but do not forget to bring pesos. Origami Gelato is another spot where we used American dollars and ended up paying way more for ice cream than we would have if we had exchanged our money first.

Tulum Restaurants
The IScream Bar in Tulum Beach, Mexico – we heard this place had a great happy hour, most likely the best way to go in Tulum beach for consuming inexpensive cocktails. We also heard they had vegan ice cream, yum. Unfortunately we did not make it here while they were open. This was taken in the morning before IScream bar was open to the public.

Tulum Food and Drink Guide

Food and Drink Guide additions we would have loved to add to the Ultimate Tulum Restaurant List but didn’t have time to visit:

  • Casa Jaguar
  • Burrito Amor – in Tulum town
  • Kin Toh – in hotel Azulik
  • Macondo – in the Nomade Hotel Tulum
  • Posado Margherita- Italian Food
  • Hartwood

Bottom line-Tulum, Mexico Restaurants

If money is not an issue, you will be pleased. Just don’t expect a foodie lover’s dream, because there is much better food at other vacation destinations.

If you are on a budget or do not like spending money on so-so food, I would head to Tulum town. I can’t speak from experience, but I know I am a lot less irked about average food when it doesn’t cost as much.

There was nothing unpleasant about anything we ate or drank around Tulum Beach, but if we go back I won’t be drinking cocktails that is for sure. With the exception of Gitano’s. We didn’t like that Tulum seemed to be capitalizing on their recent surge of tourists by providing them with expensive eats and drinks without blowing our socks off when it came to quality.

However, we did love the beachy laidback atmosphere and the friendliness we encountered. The uniqueness of every boutique hotel, restaurant, and bar is something I think everyone would enjoy.

Have you ever been Tulum? Did you have a different experience? Comment Below



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