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     When I think of the outdoors in Orange County, the beaches are always the first thing that come to mind.  I just discovered the Aliso and Wood Canyons Hike very recently.  Which is not super surprising, because I wouldn’t exactly call myself a hiking enthusiast.  Hiking in the past has always come with an ulterior motive, such as…going along so I can swim in a Hawaiian waterfall after wandering up a bunch of hills.

Being an ocean lover, this trail truly has the best of both worlds.  You get the outdoor nature vibes with the panoramic Pacific Ocean view.  You can see out all the way down to San Clemente and out to Catalina island on a clear Southern California day.  SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM TO CHECK OUT THE SCENIC PHOTOS♥

This is definitely a trail you’ll want to cross off your bucket list.

Top of the World/Aliso and Woods Canyons Wilderness Park Map

Thankfully I did not see a snake or I would have lost my shit.


IF YOUare a BEGGINER = BEWARE…When you do not pay attention to where you are going, you can easily end up on a moderate or difficult trail by accident (like I did…oops).


Top of the world hike

A great aspect of this particular hike is that it contains all different experience levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) with numerous trails leading in all different directions.  Locals like to refer to this spot as the “Top of the World,”  because of its amazing 360 degree scenic views.

WHENDRIVING…up the windy Laguna Beach roads you will reach a dead-end and the million dollar view of “The Top of the World.”  The trail entrance is off Alta Laguna Blvd, one of three entrances which tends to be the most popular.  There is ample street parking during the week for free.  Even if you do not want to attempt any actual hiking, it still has a great area to park your car enter to snap some beautiful pictures without having to choose a trail.

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Good to Know:

  • Doggies are allowed; but ONLY on certain parts of the trail.
  • There is not much shade up or there.  So make sure you have enough water, a hat and sunscreen (or else you may end up like Babe, burnt to a crisp for days because he never listens and thinks overcast weather won’t give you a sunburn).
  • Mountain Bikers speed through here, best to give them space so they don’t run into you.
  • The trails beginning at the Top of the World start out very easy and mellow.  Save all of your energy for the way back, when you have a literal uphill battle ahead of you.
3250 Alta Laguna Blvd, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651 Top of the World
3250 Alta Laguna Blvd, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651


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