My favorite thing about living in Maui was I truly felt free. ⁣⁣My stress level was very low, and I remember feeling happy all the time.

⁣I loved jumping in my car and exploring the island and living that carefree lifestyle. ⁣⁣

I used to say my “biggest worry” on this Hawaiian island in the Pacific, was to get to work on time after a day at the beach. ⁣⁣

I often forget how slow paced life is in Hawaii until I go back to visit.

⁣⁣When things took longer than expected we said, “we are on Maui time now.”

⁣⁣For someone who enjoys a fast-paced life, this could quite possibly drive you mad.

⁣⁣But for me, it was perfect!!! ⁣⁣

Below are recommendations for traveling to my favorite Hawaiian island.

Maui No Ka Oi

Which means…

Maui is the best

According to a former local girl

  1. BIG BEACH, also known as Makena Beach,- my all-time favorite beach in the world! This massive beachfront stretches about 2/3 of a mile long and one of the largest in Maui. Big beach is perfect for a day of body surfing and sunbathing. Tucked away in the south of Maui, just a few minutes drive from Wailea and Kihei, off the beaten path. It really is magical. How gorgeous is Makena beach, raw and unedited? See photos below.

2. Haleakala– sunrise. For the early risers. Plan to leave about 3 hours before the sun actually rises. It takes at least 2 hours of travel time to drive up to this dormant volcano. Dress warm, it is cold up there in the morning. The beauty of this massive volcano is a must see, and definitely worth visiting at least once in your life.

3. The Road To Hana– you want hiking, waterfalls, lush foliage? The Seven Sacred Pools off the road to Hana, in Maui, is the place to go. It does come at a price though. Windy roads and over 2 hours in the car, there and back (4-6 hours total driving time, depending on where you are coming from). Definitely worth the trek though.

Tip- Be sure and set a whole day aside for Hana.

4. Molokini Crater“Are you for scuba?” Major scuba diving vibes at “the wall,” spread out along the backside of Molokini. For my snorkel fans, the inside of the crater provides an awesome sea life tranquil experience. You feel sheltered from the vast ocean, even though you are smack dab in the middle of it…due to the shape of this crater.

Travel Tip– Visit Molokini Crater in the morning, if you want calmer seas and bigger crowds. Early afternoon if prefer the crater to yourself, but can stomach the rough sea on the boat ride back to shore.

5. Slaughterhouse Beach– a cliff framed beach on the west side of Maui. Great for body surfing and snorkeling.

Waikiki Beach

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Noteworthy Maui Food and Beverage

Jaws Taco Truck– for lunch. A long time staple of Maui. Before food trucks were even a trendy thing. There are two located on the way to and from Makena/Big Beach in South Maui.

Monkeypod– for dinner. Service and food is excellent. Try the Mai Tai’s with key lime foam! Monkeypod Kitchen is a newer hotspot in Wailea. Get there early, make a reservation, or sit at the bar…like we do.

Sansei’s– for sushi. Oldie but goody.

Where to stay in Wailea- my top 3 Must Visit hotels in Maui

The Grand Wailea- a Waldorf Astoria Resort– always one of my favorite hotels to stay at in Maui. Luxury, fun, and the perfect location combined for an all-in-one awesome experience.

The Andaz Maui in Wailea – Go to The Pool Bar at the Andaz– for delicious craft cocktails, gorgeous views, and that infinity pool life.

The Four Seasons Maui in Wailea- Luxury at its finest. The best restaurants and views of Wailea beach. You will feel beyond pampered and relaxed the moment you step foot onto this gorgeous resort.


  1. Hey,

    Thanks for all your advacile. Muai seems Ana amizing place, still haven’t been there.

    I am a totally snorkeling person and, as I understood there is a lot for me there.

    Monica ❤️

    • Hi Monica, Maui is one of my favorite places in the world. When you do go feel free to reach out with any questions. Sending much love to you. xoxo, Michelle

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