If your Mom is like mine, the most meaningful present you can give her for Mother’s Day is YOUR TIME. Spending Mother’s Day with her is great, but if you are looking to get her a special gift, a great thing to do is get her a present that includes you sharing your time and an activity with her.  

1.  Cooking Classes-Can sign up for at Sur La Table, or other classes near your location.  $$$ (approximately $150 total for 2 people)
2.  Massages/Facials– Preferably somewhere like Burke Williams where you can take a dip in the jacuzzi or sweat it out in the steam room or dry sauna together before or after your treatments.  $$$$ (approximately $300 for 2 massages or facials with tip)
3.  Paint and Wine nights– Something I have yet to do with my Mom, but I really want to find a class where we can paint our own dogs!  $$  (approximately $70 for 2 people)

Budget activity At home movie night (you bring the popcorn and snacks)

Baller Dollars $$$$$ Concert Tickets-non-nose bleed seats, your Mom is older and can’t see as well as she use to;) -Preferably an artist you both can enjoy

***I took my Mom to a Justin Timberlake concert in Chicago for Mother’s Day one year, and although I think she enjoyed the show, what she really loved is when we snuck down to the front of the stage to get seats close to JT when the security guard wasn’t looking.  She just loved to live dangerously on the edge of getting caught, who knew?  hahaha…Love you Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day!

There’s no way I can pay you back, but the plan is to show you that I understand; you are appreciated”  Tupac Shakur


  1. Great suggestions!!! I can only imagine you and your mom doing a painting and wine night!! LOL!!! I better be there!!!

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