Furry Family Members 


and Loss of Our Dogs

 The absolute only reason to ever be fearful of bringing an animal into your life is because the fact is that one day you will inevitably lose them.  These miraculous and loving creatures bless us with so much devotion and happiness, it’s completely devastating they have such a terribly short lifespan. 

My Italian Greyhound
Life with My Maximus

Maximus is an Italian Greyhound with a spunky personality and a strong obsession with his Mommy. 

This little handsome devil brings me an unmeasurable amount of joy and came into my life when I needed him most.   For this, I will always be not only grateful but vigilant in taking care of him to my fullest and best ability.  It’s an honor and a privilege to get unconditional love from all doggies, and I wish everyone truly could experience that.       

Fur Baby Iggy (Italian Greyhound)
Fur Baby Iggy (Italian Greyhound)

Whether you feel lonely, frightened, or unsure about your path in life; a dog can create a desperately needed mini support system.  Owning a dog gets you out bed in the morning, and outside to engage in the world because he needs his exercise, bathroom breaks, and meals. You cannot give in to your inner laziness, he needs you!

My Italian Greyhound
True Love and Loyalty

I always tell my little guy “never leave me,” knowing that one day he will and I will have to tell him it is ok to do that when the time comes. They say dogs come into your life sometimes when you need them the most and the truth is sometimes they rescue us as much as we have rescued them.

the most handsome ig

Losing Your Fur


The reason this is so unbelievably heartbreaking is because our dogs have not become just a huge part of our lives…they have become our family, our best friends, our sons and daughters, and at times what seems, my most important confidant.  They are extremely important to us, but to them… we are everything!

Our beauty Layla

Euthanizing Our Dog at Home

When the time came to say goodbye to our beautiful boxer Layla last November, we had a doctor come to our home.  The vet and her assistant were very gentle and highly sensitive to our emotions.  She talked us and our doggie through the process.  When it was over, she informed us that our Layla just got her angel wings.

It was very sad and extremely painful to lose her, but there was not a doubt in our mind it was her time to go.  Knowing this day would come, strangely I did not feel exactly how I thought I was going to feel.  Without question, I knew I was going to be brutal.  I had family dogs who passed away whom I was very close to, but I had never gone to the vet to see them take their last breath.  I had been told this was a serene way to die, before actually experiencing it.  I do see it as humane.  Yet watching our little fur baby exiting this world did not feel at all peaceful to me.  I hugged her one last time after her spirit left her body and hoped with every fiber of my being that she was in a better place.

Boxer and FrenchBulldog
This Post is Dedicated to Layla and Guffman



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