Top 7 Must Haves For OC Beach Visits 



Or as my Hawaiian friends say “Slippaz”- To me flip-flops are life!  If I can get away with wearing my sandals to every occasion year around I would, seriously its borderline embarrassing.  Reef and Sanuk are my go to’s for the perfect amount of comfort, but still cute.  Seriously cannot express how much I love these!!

  For men, my Babe swears by Rainbow flip-flops.



baseball hat

When I am going to the beach or pool I usually bring a ridiculously huge hat, but I will settle for a baseball cap if it’s the only thing I have in my car.

Quarters and A Credit Card

parking-meter     Almost all the parking spots near our beautiful Orange County beaches are flooded with parking meters.  Most public beaches have switched to the more technologically advanced parking meters, where you can use your credit card and adjust the time.  Occasionally though, I will find an old school meter that only takes coins.  On a busy summer day at the beach, you will take the first available parking spot you find.  Being ready for all kinds of parking situations saves you a headache and precious beach time!


Budget Friendly SPF Kiss My Face

Seems like a no-brainer but my boyfriend never remembers to bring it.  I like the spray for my body (try— kiss my face bare naked, it’s vegan and cruelty free).   For my face I will use a cruelty free moisturizer, setting spray or primer with SPF.

try—Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 ,Coola Setting Spray Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion PerfectorCOOLA Dawn Patrol Classic SPF 30 Makeup Primer

Beach Bag

Big enough to carry everything you need, but not too big that it will be uncomfortable to carry.  I CAN’T EMPHASIS THIS ENOUGH!  With most beaches in the OC, you are going to walk a little or a LONG way to the perfect spot.  So best to not carry an obnoxiously HEAVY overstuffed beach bag.  The perfect sized lesportsac bag featured in pic, I also use for a Disneyland Purse and a Hiking backpack.



Self explanatory.  The thicker and bigger the better!  That’s what she said.

(Sorry I can never resist that joke no matter how hard I try or how many people no longer find it amusing)


By far my favorite accessory!  I don’t step foot outside without dark lens, SUNNIES

preferably polarized!  The Spy Discord sunglasses are everything.  My man steals them all the time from me…unisex friendly!!

My favorite lazy summer days are spent at the beaches in Orange County. Whether I am hanging out at Huntington Dog beach off Goldenwest Street (my go to and absolute favorite) and Pacific Coast Highway, watching the surfers at the wedge in Newport Beach, or enjoying a stay cation while relaxing on Victoria Beach in Laguna…nothing is better than a day gazing out at the Pacific Ocean with the wind in your hair and the water at your feet.

Whether you are on vacation or just on weekend autopilot,  I have taken the guess-work out of the basic items you should bring with you for the ultimate


beach experience.


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Important…but Optional:



If you are going to swim, an Extra set of clothes and more importantly UNDERWEAR.  Nothing worse than going out to lunch with a wet bikini riding up your butt.  When its warm, I usually wear my bathing suit with a flowy type of cover up and bring a pair of jean shorts, a bralette, a tank top, and my skivvies.  And I leave in the car if possible.  No need to carry to the beach if you have somewhere else to stash it.

Water-Now this seems like it should be under must have but really if I know we are not lasting at the beach more than say 45 mins I would rather leave it in the car.  Less to carry and gets warm way too quick.  Definitely moves to a necessity if it’s a longer beach day and can also help tremendously with getting the sand off you before you leave as well.

Entertainment-Phone, earbuds, magazines (Babe thinks I am pre-historic for reading these in 2018, but I still enjoy), or a book.  Also a necessity if you go alone, but optional if you would rather chat with your fellow beach companion.

Lip Balm-Crusty lips are the worst!

Bottom line these may seem obvious but they are all important.  You don’t want to get a parking ticket or a sunburn when you are trying to have a good time.

Traveling or new to OC?  Beware–Even on a cloudy overcast day (which we get a lot of here in Southern California) you still can burn even if you cannot feel the warmth of the sun or even see the sun for that matter.

Also…pack light (I have mentioned this before right…haha).  Yes it would be amazing to have a chair, a cooler, and a picnic basket with all your favorite items at your disposal, but that’s not really the reason you are going to the beach for in the first place I’m guessing.

I find the less I have to schlep around and the lighter I travel, the better.Taking a dip in the ocean is my version “being bathed in holy water.”  I am obsessed with the beauty and calming effect the beach has over me, especially at sunset, when it’s less crowded and I bring even less to the beach, maybe just my dog and my phone.  But during the day I want a little vitamin d with a splash of bronze to my skin and a few of my necessary items.



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