I would say more often than not the answer is “No,” to believing that psychics are real.  I think some people do believe, because they like the whole idea of the mystical possibility of psychics and seeing their future.  The people who don’t, I understand why they don’t and they have every right to their own opinion.  As for me, I am a believer!  I have experienced first hand something that cannot be rationalized or chalked up to a coincidence, as far as I’m concerned.

The Back Story

     Almost two years ago, on Sunday May 15, 2016, I took a plane from LAX to New York to visit one of my closest friends where we had four days and nights planned of festivities and serious catch up on girl time (gossiping, flirting with dudes, museums, restaurants, bargain shopping).  Unbeknownst to me, my father, who had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a few months prior, was taking his final breaths while I was boarding.  We had spoken that Saturday afternoon, just 15 hours before my trip and I had been at his home in Arizona watching documentaries with him on the couch while we chatted about politics and different religions just 5 days beforehand.  Needless to say, when the plane landed in New York and I saw my best friends face (she was not meant to be at the airport waiting for me) I knew he was gone and my life would never be the same.

Obviously all of our plans were null and void at this point.  My dear friend showed up to the airport, bag in tow, and said “let’s go wherever you want.”  She said “If you want to go to Arizona to take care of arrangements, or to Northern California to be with your sister, or Southern Cali to be with your Mom, let’s go.”  Although I appreciated her support and willingness to stop her life to hop on a plane to anywhere,” I spoke with my family and we decided staying in New York was probably the best idea for me for the moment.  I needed to rest and process and not curl up in a ball and have my Mom coddle me.

Miss Gina

     The only thing we did end up doing on that list of things we wanted to do in New York, was going to “Employees Only,” a speakeasy craft cocktail bar in Manhattan that I wanted to try.  We had a close girl friend (another New Yorker) meet up with us to make sure I was doing ok.  So we agreed to meet her for dinner on Monday around the corner then a quick drink at the bar.  As we walked in to Employees Only there was a huge dark draped curtain upon entering the bar and to the left was a psychic.  My friends and I looked at each other thinking it seemed a little strange for a spot to get a reading, but ok.  I was a few sips into my whiskey sour when I had a feeling maybe I should talk to her.  I had seen one psychic before at the Palms in Las Vegas, and although some of the things she said were true, she was very wrong about other things and her guesses that turned out to be right were very general and could apply to most.  So not the best experience.  But on the other hand I myself have always thought I may have some sort of connection to people who have passed, or I guess you can call it a spirit world?  I have always been too scared to try to see if I am right about that or not.  Or I could just be bat shit crazy, who knows.

So I went up to this lady (the psychic), she introduced herself as “Miss Gina,” and told me to shuffle the tarot cards.  I was very careful to not say anything or act as devastated on the outside as I felt on the inside, which was easy because the woman barely said two words to me.  I was in front of her all about 90 seconds and had barely finished fanning out my shuffled tarot cards when she looked at me and said “your father is no longer with us.”  A river of tears flew out of my eyes and my jaw was on the ground.  Did she really just say that?  This lady has not asked my name or anything about me or even what kind of reading I was looking for and I’m barely done placing my cards in front of me and she is talking to my father?  What the fuck?  I felt like I was in the twilight zone.  I told her he had passed the day before and she told me he was out of pain.

I remembered that reading so clearly for months but as the years are starting to pass it is starting to fade.  What is not fading is the shock and utter disbelief that this woman knew my father had just died.  I truly believe this woman is a medium and she was speaking to my Dad.  I don’t care what anyone else thinks, and if not one person on this entire planet believes, I do.  We were not talking about him in the bar and there is no way she could have known this. Plus the fact my friend ended up getting a reading from her (her dad passed when she was 17) and Miss Gina did not bring her father up.  My father was in an incredible amount of pain and he was an old school macho guy that didn’t even think he was ready to go on hospice because “there wasn’t the need to yet.”  She said a lot of things to me about my family and all the angels that surround me.  I truly believe I was meant to be in New York at that moment to meet her and have her tell me that for some sort of comfort and closure.

I tried going to a psychic at the OC Fair, again randomly, and the lady was making very general statements that applied somewhat to me, but probably to most.   I am not saying all mediums and/or psychics are for real, make no mistake.  I mean really, I can’t even begin to imagine how that works.  Do you only see loved ones and futures for some and not others?  So you can be legit and still full of shit?  Or just completely full of it?  Or totally legit, 100% of the time?  Honestly it doesn’t matter either way.  My reading was real and if you don’t believe me you can join the club.


RIP Michael DaVania…love you forever!





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